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End of School Business

We have been given clearance for Peary Middle School to proceed with students coming to school this week to return books and conduct school business. However, the schedule has changed.  Appointments will begin at 8 am and school will close at 12pm each day of collection.

7th grade appointments will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by 8th grade on Thursday and Friday.  6th Grade appointments will be next week. Please look at the detailed schedule to the right.

For the safety and well being of everyone, we ask that your student show up during their assigned appointment hours based on the student's last name; Only the student, and/or one adult may enter the school to return and or collect items. Lastly, everyone must wear appropriate face coverings and maintain at least six feet of social distance with others.

Please contact the main office between 8am and 12pm should you have any questions or concerns.