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Uniform Policy

Uniform & Dress Code Policy

A mandatory uniform policy has been instituted as part of the School Plan for Robert E. Peary Middle School. Our basic standard for students is to dress as if they were coming to work. School is a place of business and education is the students' job. Research has found that use of school uniforms enhances school safety, improves the learning environment, reduces ethnic and racial tensions, bridges socioeconomic differences between children, promotes good behavior, improves children's self-respect and self-esteem, and produces cost savings for families. Failure to follow the mandatory uniform policy will result in a referral to the office to change to the appropriate clothing. The school will assist in providing uniforms for students who have financial difficulties. There will be no uniform waivers issued to students unless an “opt-out” card is on file in the Dean’s office. 
















  • solid white, grey, blue, or black
  • collar, polo shirt
  • short or long sleeves
  • Peary Pride shirt
  • 8th grade class shirt
  • solid navy blue, black or khaki colored bottoms
  • dark blue jeans/denim
  • long pants, shorts, capris, skirts or jumpers
  • must fit at the waist
  • hemmed or cuffed
  • no shorter than mid-thigh


  • jackets or sweatshirts
  • collared shirts must be visible without adjustments
  • PE appropriate shoes such as sneakers or tennis shoes
  • undergarments must remain covered at  all times

















  • stripes
  • logos larger than 1”x1”
  • numbers, letters, or pictures
  • sleeveless or tank top
  • spaghetti strap top
  • undershirts/ t-shirts
  • low-cut or unbuttoned all the way
  • midriff, mesh or see-through
  • P.E. shirts
  • other colored denim
  • jeggings/leggings
  • baggy, oversized, or sagging pants larger than 1 size too big
  • rolled waist
  • torn, holes or cut seams
  • sweatpants or pajamas
  • lounge pants/joggers
  • inappropriate (alcohol,  tobacco, drug, sexual, or violence related) logos or imagery
  • hoods up (unless it is raining)
  • open-toed or open heeled shoes
  • sandals or flip flops
  • sunglasses (except    

for medical conditions)

  • hair rollers
  • wallet chains or chain  


  • hats, beanies, doo rags, scarfs etc.
  • gang or tagging crew attire
  • blankets



The California Legislature has determined that “gang apparel” is hazardous to the health and safety of the school environment; therefore, the wearing of items that indicate involvement in or affiliation with “gangs” is prohibited at all times while on campus.  These items include, but are not limited to:  clothing and accessories that are predominantly red, blue, brown, black, plain and/or white-tee shirts as outer-wear.